The Seven Step Verse (2022)

The Seven Step Verse (2022)

A performative cinematic VR 360 film by Ella Raidel

The documentary VR work explores the relationship between space and body in Singapore’s iconic modernist shopping malls in seven scenarios. The Seven-Step Verse is inspired by the Chinese poet Cao Zhi, who believed that a poem in seven verses shows wit, speed, and creativity. The performers occupy the malls, appropriating clothing and gestures and reciting texts as they pass by – thus pointing to the underlying ideological and social hierarchies.

Distributed by Lemonade Films

Nicole Phua, Veronyka Lau, Valerie Koon, Smiha Kapoor, Gladis Ng*

Director: Ella Raidel
Screenplay: Ella Raidel
Producer: Ella Raidel
VR Cinematographer and VR Technical Director: Benjamin Seide
Sound recording: Vanessa Yip, Chua Xin Yun, Yang Haolin
Sound design: Ross Adrian Williams
Editor: Benjamin Seide
Composer: Ross Adrian Williams
Production design: Ella Raidel
Color correction: Benjamin Seide
Title design: Benjamin Seide



33rd SGIFF Singapore International Filmfestival

Seashorts Filmfestival 21.-25. September 2022

Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur

12 VR works from across Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Taiwan will be available at SeaShorts Film Festival 2022 as part of our Beyond Mirage exhibition!

The Insensible Cities

The Insensible Cities

A collaborative Virtual Reality project by Ella Raidel (Austria/Singapore) and Hyun-Suk Seo (South Korea) Saturday 26 March, Work-in-progress presentation, 2:00 – 6:00pm, Residencies Studios, NTU CCA Singapore, Blk 38 Malan Road, #01 – 07

The Insensible Cities is a collaborative cinematic Virtual Reality project by Ella Raidel and Hyun-Suk Seo based on the two artists’ ongoing research on the ways human senses interact with modernist architectural ideas in different Asian cultures. Incorporating elements of performance in the most advanced capacities of VR technology, The Insensible Cities results from the artists’ shared interest in addressing and challenging the ideological and historical frameworks that govern one’s origins and identities. Through the sensory documentation of the multiple layers of time, memory, perception, and ideas, The Insensible Cities is a unique VR experience that reintroduces, reinterprets, and restructures the changing dimensions of everyday life in Asia beyond the conventions of cinema and performing arts.

The Insensible Cities is supported by Arts Council Korea (ARKO) and International Arts Joint Fund Korea-Singapore International Exchange Program. NTU Cohass Arts and Humanities Research Grant, ADM School of Art, Design, and Media.