Ella Raidel _Metaphorm_2013_Kinmen Island, 金城海濱公園, Kinmen Island, Jincheng Beach Park


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480cm (L) x 330cm (W) , Concrete

The work can be a shelter, pavilion or dwelling place. The visual lexicon of its form is derived from nature. It is a fantasia of spatial experience located at the site where the skies meet the sea. Whether from a seated or standing perspective, the vista of the outside world from within the shelter becomes a language of form that differentiates interiority from exteriority. Light moves between the two realms to accent the plight of nature and man.

作品是房子、屏蔽, 也是人的居處及堡壘。從大自然轉換而來的形式語彙, 象徵母體的誕生與屏障,同時也印證著不斷與自然搏鬥的歷史, 結晶為文化的人類活動。一方面,與金門的戰地碉堡的人為環境對話, 另一方面也映照著周遭利用岩洞築巢而居的鳥類, 在海天一色的環境中轉換為奇幻的空間經驗。 讓人從人或坐或臥的休憩,從窗口仰望屏蔽外的世界, 區分出內與外的形式語言的換喻,光線在之間穿越,裝點出自然與人的處境。


Short Videoclip

The Making of Metaphorm