A Pile Of Ghosts

A Pile Of Ghosts

A Pile Of Ghosts, 70 Min., 2021

A ghost story of urbanization. The last hotel, which has been condemned for demolition like the rest of the town, is still standing. The owner Charles imagines himself with a female visitor in the scenes of a Hollywood classic. The vexing interplay of documentary and fiction, in which construction workers, investors, and real estate agents appear, takes place in contemporary China, where cities are built entirely on speculation, dictated by the fictions of capitalism.

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Director   Ella Raidel
Cinematography   Djordje Arambasic, Karel Picha, Vincent Zheng
Sound   Tong Zhang, Huawei Cheng
Editing   Daniel Hui
Sound Design   Sander Saarmets
Color Grading   Junbin Chen
Visual Effects   Ben Seide
Cast   Charles Yang, Yakira Cang
Producer   Ella Raidel
Associate Producer   Hongjohn Lin
Production Advisor   Ursula Wolschlager
Supported by   FWF – The Austrian Science Fund, BKA – Innovative Film, Wien Kultur MA 7, Land Oberösterreich, NTU Singapore