Ghost Hits Wall

Ghost Hits Wall

Ghost Hits Wall at Pavillion0. at Architecture Biennial Venice

Video Installation, 10’38’’, 2021

Image: Ella Raidel / Sound: Sander Saarmets

Ghost Hits Wall from Ella Raidel on Vimeo.

Ghost Hits Wall is part of an art-based research project on Chinese ghost cities under the title Of Haunted Spaces (2016-2019). The footage was shot in a combination of acting and documenting to indicate the phantasmatic aspect of global capitalism. In China, the need to maintain and boost economic growth in its surplus production results in cities being built more than needed. The subject investigated is how global capitalism is affecting and haunting the living conditions of our time. Urban spaces, which were once a grandiose vision for boosting prosperity in the collective fantasy, have now become exhausted and empty sites.